"One Perfect Part at a Time"

Smooth Sailing

I ran an 8×10 Lithophane yesterday which required a few minutes over 3 hours of continuous running on the HB2. Not a single glitch. It sounded and ran so good I was able to do a lot of regular work around the shop, like cleaning up.

The sound level is extremely low with the Taig spindle and the new tune up with the finer microstepping. Now the loudest sound is the cutting of the router bit through the material. No problem with normal level conversation right next to the operating machine

Most owners of these machines are using small wood routers. They do a great job (I have one) but the sound level is extremely high. It requires ear plugs or ear cans (headset) to protect hearing. Not so with the Taig spindle.

Now I can spend more time on project design and equipment refinements like material mounting methods. Breaking couplings looks like a problem solved.

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