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Proxxon PD230/E

I am considering ordering a PD230/E Proxxon Precision Micro Lathe for sale in my store. The PD230/E is a very small lathe in the size range between the Taig micro lathe and the larger Proxxon PD400. The PD230/E is about ½ the cost of the PD400.

What makes the PD230/E a very nice lathe is the fact it has a powered lead screw as well as a variable speed drive motor. It is a micro lathe on steroids.

I don’t see a reason to own both Proxxon lathes. The PD400 being the machine of choice for me, but there are certainly many hobby machinists who don’t need the bigger machine and are attracted by the lower price of the PD230/E. The attached motor drive, power feed and the complete drive system put it way above the Taig micro lathe in functionality.

The street price for the main machine is $1225.00. Adding accessories will of course push the total price higher.

If I wanted a micro lathe I could modify and/or customize, then the Taig is a great choice. But if I want a micro lathe that is ready to make parts, then the PD230/E is the better choice.

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