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A Note on Appearance Change

Old members may be a bit surprised at the new look (called the theme) of the THMS Blog. One thing in this world that is constant is change. So I am just keeping the trend going.

Actually it is a bit more than that. WordPress (the software that runs the blog) just came out with a new major version release which is 3.0. You know the old story, it’s more powerful, more features, all the “bigger and better” hype. Well, it’s true.

The problem is my old theme isn’t fully compatible with all the new features of v3.0. A theme is what creates look and feel of the blog. A theme has little if anything to do with how it runs.  I switched to the new default WP theme called “2010” or Twenty Ten, obviously the name has to do with the year this is. It is so new it had a defect where it cut off the title of the top post the first time it is edited. So now I am using theme named Suffusion with 100’s of more options.

The masthead picture is one I created myself from a photo of the mini lathe making smoke from turning a bar of cast iron. So like a bride’s wedding gown, it is a bit of something old to go with something new. (I am looking for borrowed and blue…)

Themes are easy to change. We’ll see how long Suffusion holds on…

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