"One Perfect Part at a Time"

Toolin’ Along

Proxxon PD400I have it! I just received the Proxxon PD400 mini-lathe. Here it is setting on the workbench. The Dr. Pepper can is placed there just as a size reference.

This machine is a very high quality Austrian made machine tool. I am currently working on a “First Look” report for THMS including lots of close up pictures. Test running will come later.

This machine runs a 100mm (4 inch) chuck which gives it great home shop useability. My Lathemaster for example is also a 4 inch chuck.

For now let me just say this is a very serious hobby lathe. For its size it is top of the line in fit, finish and power. The ONLY plastic is the switch and crank knobs, tailpost lock handle and the black gear/belt cover on the left end. Only polly V belts and steel gears reside within the end cover.

Watch for the “First Look” report. You might have to find your socks after you read it!

~ Dan’l

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