"One Perfect Part at a Time"

What I Saw

I see lots of things, sometimes more than I wish. The same goes for hearing but I can feign deafness like Walter Mitty (ta-pocketa-pocketa-pocketa) and drift into a 2nd life fantasy world. Some folks may understand… I think they call it a hobby. (Just kidding, honest!)

What I saw is wood. Just another comment here of what woodworking is like when one uses a very accurate and powerful table saw. The Powermatic almost makes me want to give up metal work and build furniture. Well, I still do that without giving up anything.

I ripped some wood for the remodel project last weekend. What a joy, no fuss, no strain from the saw. One piece of Poplar I needed was a 2 inch wide board 1/2 inch thick. After the cut both the board and the 1/16 waste looked like they came out of a surface plainer. No saw marks what-so-ever! I am now officially spoiled.

If I can stand the initial cost, top line tools are worth every cent. They won’t make me a better craftsperson. I still have to measure twice cut once, but they do save me a lot of extra finish work.

Life is good…


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