"One Perfect Part at a Time"

It’s The Little Things

The small bits and pieces are going to get me. All home machinists know the purchase of the major machines is the big money decision in getting started. No doubt about that. But there is something more insidious to my available funds.

What gets me after the big purchase is the constant cash flow required in getting all the little bits and pieces I need to get projects completed. It’s not really any different than any other hobby. All my other hobbies I enjoy seem to be cash eaters too. Maybe I should take up whitlin’ if I can find some free wood.

I was just sitting here at the computer ordering a few restock parts from McMaster-Carr. I am updating my starter and countersink drill bits both 60 degree and 82 degree. They generally last a long time but mine have seen better days. I’m getting a five piece set of each angle. I need a couple of #2-56 taps, two because I’ll break the first one. With two I won’t break either. That’s the way it works, I know.

OK, throw in some #2-56 flat head machine screws, only a few bucks…

What happened?  (!!) That total can’t be +$80.00! Wow, its right. My theory is correct. It’s the little things that bite me the hardest.

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