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12 Inch Slip Roll

Finally, I found a high quality small slip roll.

This is the highest quality 12 inch slip roll you will ever see, use or own. I just unpacked this new sheet metal forming machine and will soon have a full report in The Hobbyist Machine Shop.

This product is so exquisite compared to the Chinese junk I once owned for a few days, I can hardly stop starring at it.  This picture barely does it any justice. The complete report will show a lot more close up pictures.

This is the model PR12W made by Accu Cutter. A definite high end machine tool. Well priced for the professional high quality US made tool that you see here.

I haven’t cleaned it up at all at this point. It still has a light coat of white grease which will be seen in all the “first look” photo’s taken. I will show how it was packed for shipping which was also first class double boxing.

UPDATE: Full writeup, more pictures in The Hobbyist Machine Shop – Under the “Workshop” tab.

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