"One Perfect Part at a Time"

Slipping and Rolling

Uh… well not quite the same as rocking and rolling. The music is different.

Actually what I did today was order a new tool. It is a 12 inch (baby) set of slip rolls. Hence the title. What’s a slip roll? I know because I grew up in a family that always had a sheet metal shop… or two… would you believe three?

G7148A slip roll is used to form sheet metal into a slight curve all the way to a complete cylinder. It can also be used to form cones, scoops or funnel shapes. Most slip rolls have small grooves at one side to form rings from heavy wire. here is a picture of the one I ordered. Click on thumbnail to enlarge.

I never had one this small before. The ones I used in the business were at least 36 inches long. This one will be great for hobby use as I no longer do large sheet metal projects. I am planning some hobby work where I will need to form cylinders from sheet copper.

There is a clever 12″ 3-in-1 machine (Cut, Bend, Roll) available, but my experience with any combo machine is there is always a compromise.

Update 7/28/07!

I have just posted some pictures over in the THMSHOP along with a scathing review, now that I have this tool in the shop. It is a real P.O.S.! ~ Dan’l

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