"One Perfect Part at a Time"


This blog is only a few short of 1000 members as of this writing. I believe many signed in to exploit the BLOG. It is a dead end if that was the purpose.

I am the only author in this site, but members are permitted to comment as they see fit. The first comment is held for me to determine who you are and if the comment is on topic. The spam filters work very well and I delete a lot of known spam.  If I let you through the first time, I don’t moderate after that. But I can shut down anyone who is not pure in heart (intent) at any time.

I also run a Bulletin Board called TEDEX. I shut it down from (open) new memberships about a year ago. Same reasons. It is a nasty world out there. I trimmed it down from hundreds to just 43 contributing members.

TEDEX has more user features. Lots of folks like the BBS format better than the BLOG. On TEDEX you can start your own threads, post pictures and have a whole lot more interaction.

I just did something with TEDEX I said I wasn’t going to do. I unlocked the registration again. I’ll see how it goes. If you have an ugly email address or ugly user name, don’t expect to get in. I respect real people with real names. Reasonable “handles” are OK but be sincere in who you are.

I am willing to host a blog with many author contributors. I am thinking about a new challenge R&D project I am looking into I call RoboBoat. There is a post in TEDEX about the subject. The blog would be a society or forum for developing this topic… or it could just live in TEDEX in it’s own section. (One BBS is quite enough!)

I truly dislike the commercial forums who track and exploit their users for profit. I offer only “safe harbor” with no hidden agenda. I would love to expound on my thoughts with the ROBOAT project. TEDEX is a safe place to visit and do that.

NOTE: Log in is for admin and members only, not required to post comments.