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G-Wiz(ard) Wax

I had the chance to use the GWizard tool this weekend. I have been working on a wax mold project and thought it would be a great opportunity to optimize my speeds for milling wax.

There is no wax material guide in the tool but there is two kinds of plastic listed, both hard and soft. At first I thought soft would be good but as I thought about how wax actually mills, it acts like a hard plastic with the type of chips it makes. Soft plastics kind of gum up and take special consideration in my limited experience with them.

So I picked the hard plastic and started plugging in the numbers for the Taig mill and the cutting tools I am using. I used a 1/8 ball mill for roughing and a 1/16 ball mill for finish.

I was pleased to see there would be no problem running the rough at full speed (for me that’s 50 IPM) at 20% step. I am sure it could go faster. The spindle RPM on the Taig was 10,600. BTW it will run all day at that speed.

The chips were wonderful and very clean. I use a continuous air blast to keep the chips clear and the tool and wax cool.

My next goal was to get an excellent finish with as little bench work as possible. The GWizard figured out a 0.002” step over which is about 3.2% and a 20 IPM feed again at 10,600 RPM. It took me (the machine) two hours to run the finish pass in the picture.

With the air blast I never saw the chips in the finish pass. Just a very clean smooth area growing slowly as it worked 90 degrees to the roughing pass. I had left 0.020” for the finish plus the tool ripples.

There are a couple of fine lines visible but I am sure they will easily polish out. This is MUCH better that the first runs shown in a previous post.

I am very satisfied with results of the GWizard. I intend to consult the tool for every project for the best starting feeds on my CNC projects.  It’s put way more science into getting the speeds and feeds than any way I have tried before.

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