"One Perfect Part at a Time"

Good Day


Any day is a great day when you are doing something you enjoy. For me it was today and putting in many hours in my workshop. The bench top in the first picture was clean before I started. So to make this much mess you know it just had to be good. I am not finished yet, so this is how it is going to look for awhile. Why spoil the fun? Well… some of the stuff will be put away.

I am making a very solid mounting bracket to attach a Dremel to the home brew CNC engraving machine. The engraving machine is the aluminum looking device on the left side of the picture. The Dremel mount is on the bench right if front of it. I am using some stout aluminum because the Dremel has a good bit of high frequency vibration (noise) and I am attempting to absorb some of that energy in the mount. Also the mount needs to be very rigid.


This second picture is a close up of the Dremel in the mount. It’s only about 1/2 done so it hasn’t been cleaned up. It is all bolted together and holding the Dremel very well. I’ll probably reduce or remove the corners from the nose bracket as they serve no purpose sticking out that far.

The Dremel mount will get the Home Brew back into operating condition. This will be the best motor mount it ever had. I ran it for quite awhile with the Dremel just strapped to a metal bracket and it worked OK but not great. There was some flex, but there will be none now!

Hmmm… Wasn’t there some sort of football game or something today? 😉

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