"One Perfect Part at a Time"


Last night I had time to sit at my computer and work with Rhinoceros and RhinoCAM. Weird names but Rhino is a 3-D CAD program and the other converts drawings to CNC code.

Many months ago I designed a perfect drawing of the A3 locomotive driver and is one of the “driving” reasons for me to set the Micro CNC mill into operation. I ran my first output code on a wood block last Sunday and it was a disaster! The mill ran fine but the cutting was awful.

I ran the compiler again last night and produced another machine code file. (After a little more reading and understanding of what I am doing.) There is so much to learn in this CNC stuff!

I ran the new code on the micro-mill last night for about three passes on the trial block and it now runs exactly as intended. I did not have time to run the whole file as it is several hours long. If all continues to go well, I could have a “proof” to show off after the weekend. – Dan’l

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