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G-Wizard Update

No, this is not a user update report on the software program G-Wizard. It is still a great CNC must have application.  I just did a new update to my personal copy that I have been using for more than a year with several previous updates. Look here for the original  REVIEW. G-Wizard just keeps getting better. What I want to mention is just a little quirk in this latest upgrade.

I ran the new update without deleting the existing program on my computer and got the install error message as is described on the G-Wizard update page. It has to do with some new security files that are incompatible between versions.To actually install the update (after downloading) I had to manually delete my old version using the windows control panel. No big deal and this process and reason is clearly explained on the download page so I won’t describe it further here.

My only hesitation was if I deleted the old version using the control panel I might loose all my settings. I was confident Bob Warfield (CNC Cookbook and designer of G-Wizard) would have warned me about that so I didn’t hesitate very long. I also know windows seldom if ever does a truly complete “clean wipe”  deletion. I am sure that is by design, just for reasons such as this.

The update was otherwise quick and painless and I was presented with a new looking calculator screen. There is also a huge increase in the program speed. All my old setups returned and now we are running at a new and faster full speed ahead.

Keep the good stuff coming Bob!

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