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phoenixUPDATE  4/26/14  Registration Fixed (see comments)

Here I go again… (enter TEDEX in the search key word box)

I like some forums. I like the ones that feel more like a club membership than a forum that wants to dominate my life. Well, actually being the administrator or a moderator of a forum can dominate one’s life, if you let it.

The forums I am attracted to are the ones that stand alone and are not associated with one of the big mega forum providers. The big boys fill their forums with advertising and sell my viewing habits to product vendors in order to pay and make a profit from providing the service. That’s bad Karma for me.

I don’t run any of my websites to make money from views. Maybe I am foolish but it is the way I like it.

Once again I have resurrected the (hobbyist) TEDEX forum from the ashes of cold storage. All the old files are still intact. I left the door open for 24 hours and almost immediately it was attacked by a swarm of Botflies pumping commercial spam into my forum in various forms, mostly pill pushers, with about 25 new posts.

I immediately tightened up the registration and it is still open, but registration now needs more effort. New members need Admin permission and must wait for it. Posts are limited for the newbie to prevent flooding. The latest update of the forum software added some nice tools for spam blocking. Unfortunately spam is a fact of life in today’s reality. If a request looks like spam, I won’t even open the door. Post spam in my house and I will knock you out. I have the can of RAID at the ready! Ha!

I am considering several options for adding member only forums to my other websites if TEDEX gets trampled again. The really nice forums I occasionally visit (I am very far from a regular on these forums) work with very tight registration. I had to register and wait for approval. I add email alerts to my posts so I always get an email when someone responds. So I don’t have to constantly monitor the forum. I have far more better things to do with my time. You can do the same in TEDEX.

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