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DRO Error Fix

This is my DROpros DRO that I installed on my X3 manual mill back in February of 2010. There is also a complete install article in The Hobbyist Machine Shop. Go visit both links.

This is the best addition I made to my manual mill. I use the DRO on everything I make on the X3 Who needs dials anymore?

Well, I did. I was about to run a few cuts and when I flipped the DRPpros on it did its little display dance as I call it the gave me an error seen in the first picture. The X REF kind of hinted to me it was looking for a reference and didn’t find it. I figured there may be a battery inside for a reference voltage.

I sent this first picture to DROpros and explained the problem. They agreed it could be a battery or perhaps a diode that failed.

About a week later I shipped the control head back to them. I did peek inside and there IS a battery on the main board. I checked the voltage and under no load it was only half of the voltage indicated on the battery label. Ta-ta…

Just got it back and as you see it is working perfectly again. I didn’t get a bill for repair or return shipping yet. I paid for for sending. I may not get a bill.

The DroPros owner is a veteran and proud of his customer service. As a veteran brother I am proud of his attitude. Good company good product. Go check them out: http://www.dropros.com/

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