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V-Carve Engraving

carve-bingo.jpgThis is some more photo engraving work done with the VECTRIC software and the Taig Micro-Mill. The mill working area is only 5.5″ x 12″ but that is good for making these 5″x7″ engravings.

The first picture is Shopdog VAC “Bingo”. You can see he looks better here than in the top down view farther down the page. The second picture is daughter Shelley who sometimes makes comments here in the RamblinDan Blog.

These are fun to make and are unusual gifts. I figure a lot of folks may like to have their pet immortalized in this fashion.

The value is not the photographic quality but rather the highly unusual presentation. Shelley’s dog Belle is the next intended victim to be rendered in red oak. There’s a hint why she signs her comments as “ShelBelle72”


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