"One Perfect Part at a Time"

Miller Time

I got the CNC mill to cut the entire loco driver last night. The rough cut looked great. I included a finish pass in the code but using the same flat 1/8″ mill bit. Not so good there. Not yet ready for prime time. I also need to buy some solid wood for test blocks. I have been using multi-layer exterior plywood which is good for seeing the depth of each pass, but it splinters too easily.

I would also love to try wax. I have a sample. I may order a larger block and cut it into layers. Better yet, get a round cylinder of wax and cut it into disks. That is the plan when I go to steel. The nice thing about wax is it can be melted and reused. A new project may be to machine some molds from aluminum to recast blocks! Hmmm…

UPDATE – Scrap the wood. I ordered some wax! Woohoo!

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