"One Perfect Part at a Time"

Speeds & Feeds

I churned out 6 more of my 1” aluminum wrenches late Sunday afternoon. I am offering them for sale in the Ramblin’ Dan’s Store website. I have been selling them quietly but decided to go public this May. Price. $7.50

That’s the same (new) list price of the Taig flat wrench and I think the aluminum is better suited for the collet adjustment on the mill. The flat wrench is still great behind a chuck on the micro lathe.

I have optimized speed and feed according to GWizard (CNC Cookbook). I just received a new update to GWizard and now it shows me how to grab a bit more time performance if I sacrifice a quality finish. Speeds and feed didn’t change much but now it indicates I should be able to make much deeper passes. That will then require less overall time. I am down to 6 minutes 40 seconds per wrench now and I am pleased with that

BTW here is a hint for you GWizard users out there. I had to uninstall the old GWizard before the new one would install. That happens if you do not upgrade very often. I didn’t lose any of my old data.

As you can see 6 wrenches generated a lot of swarf. Nice fat chips. I was running 19 IPM with a 0.0377 DOC. The GWizard now says 0.083 DOC is possible in a roughing pass at twice the speed, but I am happy where I am… I have a great edge when done. Far better than the pokey 20 minutes I was running long ago.

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