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24K Spindle Video

The 24,000 RPM water cooled spindle on my Taig Micro-Mill is operational.

The power required to do wax milling with 0.004″ milling bits is extremely low. I use my old settings of 10,000 rpm and 10 IPM travel on the first run. The no load current on the spindle is 0.6 amps. While making the first carving the spindle ran at 0.6 amps. It was as if there was no load on the spindle motor.

The next run as shown in the video was at the recommended limit of the 0.004 inch tapered mill bit. The run shown is 15,000 rpm at 15 IPM travel. The load on the motor increased from 0.6 amps to 0.7 amps. A sign the spindle was doing more work.

The power consumption went from 66 watts to 77 watts. Cooling is almost of no concern. The water must flow, but the spindle operation is producing minimal heat output.

More testing to come. I will be adding a closed loop cooling system with a radiator.

There is absolutely no vibration at any speed, much improved over the original belt drive system. I am extremely pleased with this new spindle and water cooled operation up to 24,000 RPM!

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