"One Perfect Part at a Time"

Outstanding Saw Blade

I bought a premium saw blade to go with my premium PM2000 cabinet saw. I have used many types of power saws in my 60 years but I have just been “blown away” buy this blade on the PM2000. The blade is a Forrest “Woodworker II” and one of the more expensive 10″ blades on the market.


The blade doesn’t look it but it is all purpose, both ripping and crosscutting. The carbide teeth are extreamly sharp. I understand the reasons on “teeth set” between ripping and crosscutting. This blade is different. I was wondering about this saw blade with all the teeth the same. So I installed it on the saw.


A little “ouch” at the base of the index finger was not from the blade.

I cut some Popular and some plywood I had around. My jaw fell and hit the saw table! No cut noise, no slowdown and no effort. I have never seen a saw cut this well. No splinters, super smooth face on the boards. I could even see the clean open microscopic wood pores on end grain. Boards can be edge glued right off the saw. This is an amazing blade! It cuts rather than chew through wood. Its like using 40 finely honed chisels to carve through the cut.
The blade can be resharpened about 10 times when required. I have read reports of hobbyist use of 9 years without needing a sharpening. Used properly, this is a lifetime blade. At least for the years I have left!

This blade is a 10!

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