"One Perfect Part at a Time"

The Siren’s Song

I have to admit to myself that I have run amok and spun off into the rocks along the shore of the barren hobby/craft islands for a while. Of course, that is figurative. I think I am still pretty much sane.

I am referring of course to my workshop interests and making tangible and valuable art and crafts. It was the song of the mythological siren creature that lured me off course. Maybe put me asleep. Its name is “3D Printer”. Ha!

Yep, I fell victim under its spell. I love design and making things and doing that with a 3D printer is very enticing.

I have written on this same topic elsewhere. I called it “Lost at Sea“.

My CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) skills have vastly improved. That’s one good result.

The problem with hobbyist 3D printing is the items made are of PLASTIC which is intrinsically of low worth and value. Plastic items that are printed are not nearly as good as injection molded or cast. It’s great for prototype and design iterations. Plastic jewelry is at best, high class Junque.

I am wading back out into deeper creative waters, where the really big fish live. Back to my silver work and jewelry making. Real CNC machining and metal working. Where there is value for the time spent and the items made. Also, wood working, especially CNC machine carving. (Projects designed with Vectric Aspire).

The 3D printing will remain accessible and something I do. It has value for many reasons and uses. It’s just not for making heirloom quality products. I have designed and created many plastic items. Some good, some not. Just not items I consider worthy of representing my best legacy grade work.

Hello RD Workshop and The Hobbyist Machine Shop. I am back. Excuse my smoke and dust as I get back in the swing of real making. You Sirens and Harpies can stop teasing me with fake plastic copies of real value items.

My last post was this same subject… Where have I been? What have I done?

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