"One Perfect Part at a Time"

Machine Shop

Perhaps it is time to return to machine shop activities. The making of real parts with brass and steel and aluminum. For that matter, any machinable materials.

I have been beating myself (mentally) with the Junque I make with plastic 3D printing. Some things need to be made with plastic. I will certainly keep making plastic parts.

Small mechanical things like live steam and gas engines can only be modeled in plastic. Not made operational.

Fall season is returning to Texas USA and the weather will cool. 

My shop is in an unconditioned attached garage and subject to the extreme air temperatures. Working in a 100 degree shop is unbearable to an old dude like me. I have fans to move the air around. I really need an (air) conditioned workshop. Both for heating and cooling.

If I ever move from here, there are certain conditions that will have to be satisfied. A conditioned workspace for the machine shop and a conditioned space for my amateur radio “ham shack”. Could be tied together but the radio-electronics area will have to be a separate area or room.

Pipe dreams for now but dreams are allowed.

Where does all the time go? Oh yeah, smokin’ that dream pipe.

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