"One Perfect Part at a Time"

Music To My Ears

My wife is a professional piano teacher but I am swooning over another kind of music. That other kind of music has  four speakers and three channels.

What I am hinting at is the HB2 has come alive and is singing it’s stepper pulses. Anyone familiar with stepper motors knows what I am talking about. The steppers actually sing in the audio range as the pulses are being fed to them. The HB2 has four motors (speakers) and three channels (X, Y, Z).

The PS2 Power supply is complete and working as good if not better than expected. I made up all four XLR 5 pin plugs and they are a perfect match to the stepper motor cable I am using. I haven’t done the finish wiring at the motors yet as I plan to test for awhile.

I’ll get some pictures tomorrow and post here. Maybe a video too. I also need to do a write up for the web site. For today I just wanted to mark this milestone that the HB2 is now self powered. I could actually do some cutting if I come up with a hold down.


UPDATE  3/8/09: Pictures of the PS2 are now in the THMS website. Look under SITE TOOLS and What’s New for this entry: 03/08/09HB2 Construction Section 6, The PS2 Controller/Power Supply. At last the HB2 gets the power and brains to move on its own!

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