"One Perfect Part at a Time"

Fading Light

TEDEX may slowly fade into the sunset. It is a web forum I started about five years ago, sharing information about machine shop hobby activities. I had already shared web space in my The Hobbyist’s Machine Shop web site with about eighteen people with projects and equipment they wanted to show off. I figured I could provide a separate forum where everyone could enter their projects and share information.

That is the reason TEDEX was born. Little did I know then that the creeping crud was laying-in-wait to slither into open forum doors. It has been a constant challenge to stay clean and probably the main reason many small forums shut down. For them, the Internet garbage collection just isn’t worth the effort.

I persevered because there were enough active users to justify the cause. That just isn’t the case any longer. I started a blog (two actually) here where I post my personal activities. I am torn to re-post again in TEDEX.

Registration to TEDEX is currently turned off. Registered users can still have full access. Non users can enter but do not see the photos. I dropped about 100 old non-participants from the rolls. The house has been cleaned and the doors locked. There are still a few resident suspects but I will see how they behave. The good guys still have the keys and can share the space.

If there are no postings or knocks at the door I will just let it set for awhile. Then…

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