"One Perfect Part at a Time"

Project Tessa

In case you missed this, here is a picture of a project I made on the HB2 router. I published it over on the Ramblin’ Dan blog too.

The layout was designed in Vectric Aspire and output for the  MACH3 controller. Of course it is MACH3 that runs the steppers on the HB2.

Four files and three tool bits were required. One file cuts the outline using a 1/4 inch flat router bit. It leaves tabs for support so I did this first. Next was the roughing file again with the 1/4 flat bit in 1/8 inch steps. The third pass was the finish (detailed) pass using a 1/8 inch ball nose bit with very shallow step over.

The last file was the V-Carve for the name and date.

Total run time on the HB2 was about 2.5 hours. Speeds were 100 IPM for the roughing and 70 IPM for the finish. The HB2 handled them all just fine.

I actually made three runs. The first one is where the coupling broke, the second I spelled Tessa’a middle name as Daniel (Horrors!) and then the final fully successful ran you see here. At least I had a test piece to practice the finish work (and I did).

Three coats of shellac gave the oak the color you see here (no stain). Then the color painting. Last a final coat of clear lacquer.

I also used a table router to cut a T slot in the back for hanging on the wall.

Oh yes, the date is correct. Tessa is one year old!

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