"One Perfect Part at a Time"

Taking Stock

I am sitting here in my work shop typing away at the shop computer. Until I started typing I was just surveying the machine tools and just sort of taking stock. I always do that, especially after a clean up session. That’s another thing I just did. I gave the workshop a good clean up.

Now the clean up is not a perfect one but it looks better than it has in a long time. I have had just too many things going on with the disasters and all, to stay on top of it. But now I actually have clean space again to work on projects.

To me “taking stock” is not so much a literal term but includes examining myself and deciding what are my work shop goals and objectives. I let the HB2 project kind of rule the shop. That is what was needed to stay on track and get it completed. HB2 took about a year. Time really flies. Now I am considering , “What now”? HB2 will get a workout on carving projects but I need some metal work too. The Pennsy A3 is still calling me.

I renewed my subscription to the Model Engine Builder. I like IC engines as well as EC and there are some folks doing wonders in miniature engines. The shop I have is perfect for most of that work so I am considering another engine project. Probably a model airplane Diesel or glow plug engine. I’ll see what grabs me…

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