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Benched Myself

New Bench under construction

This is the project I have been working on all day. On Labor Day I was laboring my… um… you know, off! I also pulled in the power outlets below the circuit box and the one to the far right. The duplex outlets are fed with 220 volts split to each side with GFI outlets for each phase. This is in the garage so GFI is code. The outlet to the far right is 220 volts with a special plug. Its for my new saw, but I also have a special plan for Christmas lights this year. More on that at some other time.

The bench is two level as the CNC computer and screen will be on the upper bench. THE CNC power supply will be under the upper bench (shelf). The lower level is desk height so I will be able to sit in a chair at this location. The CNC mill will be on this lower bench.

This bench is very stout as it is mounted to the wall. There are only two legs and both are hidden in this photo. One is in the front corner far right. The left leg starts down at the near corner of the upper bench and also supports the lower bench. That leg is hidden by the red bench vice.

I’ll show More in “The Hobbyist’s Machine Shop” when I get it painted and finished. I just didn’t want anyone thinking I was goofing off on a Holiday!



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