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X3 Mill Digital Readout

Here it is! The full install of the DRO PROS (brand) DRO on the Sieg X3 small mill. Go to The Hobbyist Machine Shop web site to see all 80 photos and all the details on the digital readout installation. It is currently at the top of the menu list under WORKSHOP. Just click on “DRO PROS – DRO for the Sieg X3“.

The cold weather had been holding me out of my shop for awhile but outside temps up around freezing with two heaters going and some persistence, I got the job done in about four full days of work. I was also doing a lot of documentation and photos.

This conversion will make looking at rotary scales a thing of the past for me. The computer built into the DRO provides a lot of functions that will alleviate some of the layout work.

This review is of only the install process of getting the three axis scales installed. Later I plan to show how the DRO is to be best used. I may make a video for that.

Sneak Peak

I have been putting time into installing a Digital Read Out (DRO) for my X3 mill. These are a couple of spy photos of the installation. What you see here is the completed Y axis scale installation and the nearly finished X axis scale. I am using the mill to make the mounting brackets. That is why you see some dross in the pictures and the vice on top.

I am currently machining a bracket for the X axis carriage mount.Then I have an idea how to mount a cover over the X Scale. That is the reason for the ears at each end. A slightly shorter scale could be used here for the X axis but the longer length is not a problem. I am also noodling out how to mount the Z axis scale.

There will be a full report on this installation and how the DRO operates coming up soon. Lots of action photos on the installation and operation.

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