"One Perfect Part at a Time"


Power Supply

I did some work on the HB2 power supply/controller today. I have all the panels cut or drilled and some components mounted. I have a lot of wiring to make up so that will take a bit of time. The hardest thing for me to do was commit to a final layout. When I get to make all the decisions myself it is sometimes easier to not make any. But once I started drilling holes it gets easier and more exciting. I am liking my new layout very much.

Still Piddling

Where in the heck is the time flying? I look at the blog calendar and it is weeks since my last post. Uh… make that a month! I guess that sort of proves I don’t spend all my time in front of the one wide-eyed monster. Then again I do. I really do if you count the time at my real job.

I have been working in Aspire which is the new CNC graphic and vector to code software from Vectric. Wow! What a powerful tool if you want to do detailed CNC carving, engraving and router work. I have posted a few times in the Vectric forum and am dieing to get the HB2 Power Supply and controller working to run some larger projects. All the other operational mechanical work on the HB2 is finished. I will add limits switches and other details once I get it running.

I ordered the last few parts for the power supply/controller. I am going to use 5 pin XLR plugs for the motor leads. I have been wracking my engineering brain trying to decide on suitable connectors that look good. Not cheap but neither is the project. The plugs and sockets are big enough for the 20 ga. super flex wire I am using and the pins in the 5 pin style can take the current flow. They are like a DIN connector/plug on steroids.

I had considered DB9 style connectors but the pins are just too small and close together. The current rating however was not going to be a problem. The DB9 is used by several name brand controllers. The motor (stepper) wiring must be lighter than what I am using.

My steppers are not large but they will be running for hours at a time.… Continue reading

Spindle Motor

The HB2 gets its router spindle. Finially looking like the machine it is supposed to be, The project HB2 build is moving along again.

The construction of the stepper heat sinks took time away from the HB2 but not anymore. The spindle motor (shown here) install is detailed more over in the THMS web site. Check the “What’s New” to link to the new page.

North Texas Hobby Board (or Blog)

I sent emails to the posted contact persons for two (as they identify themselves) North Texas home machinist groups. Neither post that they have a web site, just a contact email. I offered to create a free message system (either a Blog or BBS) for North Texas home machinists to contact each other. I don’t intend to start another organization, just a common communication site, since they do not seem to have one.  My involvement would be completely invisible other than top level administrator. The board activities would be controlled by others. In fact any group could have their own space if desired.

No feedback yet so it is as I suspected, probably old contact data or they are waiting for their next “meeting”. In any case, if you are located near Dallas (That includes Oklahoma or elsewhere) and would like to see a localized board for posting about home workshop activities let me know. Does anyone think a bigger “service” area should be included?

What I would like to see is a place where any creative hobby can be posted, metalworking, woodworking, boat building, quilting (huh!), etc..  A place to brag what you do or ask questions on how-to. Also a place to find out about something you need. Say a quilter is looking for someone local who could build a nice wooden storage case. Get the idea?

This Blog is too personal for this and TEDEX works well but is also too associated with my activities. I dislike commercial boards (Yahoo, etc.) as they are heavily marketing directed. Maybe people like the ads and the fact they are tracked.

The truth is the software is free and I have already paid for all the server cost in my other activities. Other than the time… Continue reading

Vectric Software Update

The Vectric Software that I use for 3D carving and engraving design with my CNC machines (and the main reason for HB2) has just published a new creative design program named ASPIRE. It is kind of a blend and update to their previous products with additional creative ability for 3D designs. For a look-see follow this LINK.

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