"One Perfect Part at a Time"


Working the Plan

I am sort of crossing the line between metal working and wood working with the HB2 project.

Building the machine is very much metal working and electrical. I just throw in the electrical without further classification. Building the HB2 bench was definitely wood working. I could have built a metal bench and many CNC gantry routers are mounted on metal benches. No problem with that. I am a qualified weldor. I believe either platform is serviceable in my environment.

The HB2 will be able to do some work in light (soft) metal. I do not consider HB2 to be a primary metal working machine. That is more suitable for CNC mills. I explained that elsewhere in my ramblings. Projects for the machine will be primarily wood or plastics. That is why I plan on posting projects from this machine over in “Sawdust” in TEDEX. I expect a lot of sawdust!

The HB2 will exceed the cost of my Powermatic 2000 table saw. That makes it important for me to plan on getting substantial use from both machines and perhaps a few more sawdust makers…

I am using my fully employed years to build up the major tools I would like to have when I don’t have to work so hard for income. By then my plan is to have the shop be at least self supporting. Metal or wood chips… I will be there in the middle.

The drawback at the moment is that the projects that can be made on these machines are on hold. The Lord willing, I will have enough time on my biological clock to enjoy my plan. If not, I am having a great time working the start-up plan…

V-Carve Engraving

carve-bingo.jpgThis is some more photo engraving work done with the VECTRIC software and the Taig Micro-Mill. The mill working area is only 5.5″ x 12″ but that is good for making these 5″x7″ engravings.

The first picture is Shopdog VAC “Bingo”. You can see he looks better here than in the top down view farther down the page. The second picture is daughter Shelley who sometimes makes comments here in the RamblinDan Blog.

These are fun to make and are unusual gifts. I figure a lot of folks may like to have their pet immortalized in this fashion.

The value is not the photographic quality but rather the highly unusual presentation. Shelley’s dog Belle is the next intended victim to be rendered in red oak. There’s a hint why she signs her comments as “ShelBelle72”


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