"One Perfect Part at a Time"



I decided I should move back on topic here in the THMS Blog. One perfect part at a time is a hard challenge. I am the first to admit I am far from perfect. How boring life would be if everything was perfect. That’s why I doubt heaven or whatever that great place you want to be in the next life is as perfect as it is cracked up to be. If it is, it might be a place for a short visit but I wouldn’t want to live there forever. But then it all boils down to the definition of perfect, doesn’t it? Perfect could be just enough frustration to keep life interesting. A need to make enough bad parts to make the good parts enjoyable.

Wow! No wonder metalwork is such a perfect hobby!

Note the heading doesn’t say, “One Perfect Part EVERY time.”

The Toolmaker

I just watched an interesting video over on the Tormach Blog site, copied here. It is a simple little YouTube video talk about toolmakers by a man named Bishop “Bud” Wisecarver. He has done a series of these, a look back at his career as a machinist. I have viewed them all and this is the one where he really makes an interesting point about toolmaking. I found it interesting to explore what he has to say before this point. There is a link on the bottom of the viewer that will take you to the other chapters in his story.

<Video no longer available>

Toolmaker is an important title and one of which to be proud. Bud sheds a renewed light on what it really means. If you make useful things from raw materials, then you too are a tool maker.

Traveling in a Different Style

I am in awe every time I go exploring the Internet to see what other home machinist are publishing. I am humbled by the effort and quality work that many machinists are willing to share. What a wonderful experience to sit in your own private space and see in detail what others have built or are doing. It is the ultimate resource for inspiration or just armchair voyaging into things mechanical. (Note! This is nothing to do with voyeur!)

I think the style I present is a bit different. I produce a lot more talk or writing… I suppose.

In Ramblin’ Dan I call it “Random Musings and Obscure Observations”. I figure a blog is intended for that sort of rather disjointed presentation, just thoughts of the moment. There is a date in the corner of the post of when posted. The topic can help the reader of a blog to follow the thread much easier than scanning through everything. Topics are listed in the right column.

The THMS web site is more old school formal presentation. I intend to maintain that presentation form for large projects and user reports. It is the place to put a lot of pictures with text. I mentioned awhile back I plan to do more video too.

I built TEDEX to be more of a readers share place. A registered user has free access to post their own projects, ask questions, or do most anything on topic. Even create new topics.  It is a free communication resource for hobbyists who don’t want or have the time to produce their own space.  I have been forced to make it hard to access (you have to ask) but once in, more things will work. No strings, just be real. I am sharing the ride.


I have been punishing myself by fretting over the TEDEX forum. I started it may years ago even before the current date which is showing about 5 years. It has been closer to ten years as I had one system crash that totally wiped out the original forum and messages during a move between ISP server companies.

Blogs like this one were not even thought of or invented back then. The BBS and Forums were and still are great places to share information in an interest group.  Blogs do that too but require much more user discipline. I tried it here for awhile but management was messy.

I got within two weeks of shutting the TEDEX down. I am just today placing a hold but still counting on the fate of TEDEX. I love the Internet but it truly is a “big city” cesspool. I don’t want to regulate freedom of communication but regulation is necessary when it is my own and isn’t universal.

The TEDEX forum is now a private membership by request, but open for general viewing except for the pictures. Only members (logged in) can see the pictures.

I hate to lose all the information and pictures available in TEDEX by just shutting it down. It is still a great place for members to post whatever they want. I know some folks like to think of it as an on line club room. That is OK with me.

The welcome messages in TEDEX tells the story.

NOTE: Log in is for admin and members only, not required to post comments.