"One Perfect Part at a Time"


The Hobbyist’s Monster Soup Update

The last couple of posts indicate I am doing an update on my “The Hobbyist’s Machine Shop”.  I am half done with part of it. Ha!

I have decided I am going to convert the entire old website into the new CMS style. It’s been great fun reliving all those old projects and there is still a bunch more to go in the WORKSHP and VISITORS tabs, a lot more. The web site is OVER 10 years old and I am discovering the several different styles and three editing programs I used.

PHP and CMS are still very much HTML so most of the work is just copying files from the old to the new. Sounds like alphabet soup doesn’t it?  The end result is I think the new pages look very good. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) takes care of the new consistent style. (More soup anyone?)  A few links are broke in the new pages until I get the Workshop pages converted. There are some internal cross links to that section. I hope I can find them again. The web site is VERY large.

You are welcome to browse the new pages but they are still a WIP (Work In Progress). I added a link in the top right column. There are a few places where I need to do a rewrite due to the changes. I did a few already, but I have been working harder on the transfer than the rewrite.

If you are the type that likes to look for those things, this is your chance. I probably know of most of them, but you may find one or two bugs I don’t know. I fixed a few expired external links but there has to be more. Drop me a bug… Continue reading

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