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HB2 First Project


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HB2 has been brought to full functioning life with sounds not much unlike a trim router. I am kind of alluding here to a new baby cries when first born.

I am not one to choose an easy project for the very first run. What you see here is the Aztec calendar with a lot of detail. I set the design up in Vectric Aspire V2 and sized it for a 12 inch diameter. The process is known as V-Carving.

I used a 90 degree V-Carve bit. I discovered I should have used a 60 or perhaps 45 degree V-Carve bit. I would have deeper cuts and wouldn’t have had the dropout in several areas due to board warpage.

But all in all, not too shabby for a first run. I and HB2 can only get better. Enjoy the pictures.

See Video -> V-Carve Action

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