"One Perfect Part at a Time"

Taig ER16 Spindle Added to HB2

Here is the first look at making the mount and installing the Taig ER16 Spindle and continuous duty motor on the HB2. This is the same spindle and head that I use on the Taig CNC mill. In fact it IS the head FROM the Taig CNC mill.

I’ll be running a project tomorrow to test out the set up. If all goes well I already have the TAIG order made out for a new set-up exactly like this for full time use on the HB2. This is lower power than other spindles used on the HB2 but much quieter. From my experience using it for wood carving on the Taig mill, I think it will be just perfect for most work I do. I can fit up through a 3/8 inch cutting tool.

The ER spindle is far superior to the one in the little hand router. The big difference is sound level and the fact that the Taig spindle is 1/3 slower and 1/3 the power.

One thing to note though is there is the opportunity to select 6 different speeds. With the belt drive I always get full motor power as the motor is always running full speed.

The change over from one head to the other is about 30 minutes. It could be less but the one bolt in the center of the back-plate mount is a bugger to get started. It is between two linear bearings and behind the lead nut. I taped the nut to the wrench to get it started. 🙂

I will also post these pictures over in the THMS web site. That probably won’t be for a week or so. I am also considering doing a sound video so you all can see AND hear how she runs.

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