"One Perfect Part at a Time"

Sneak Peak

I have been putting time into installing a Digital Read Out (DRO) for my X3 mill. These are a couple of spy photos of the installation. What you see here is the completed Y axis scale installation and the nearly finished X axis scale. I am using the mill to make the mounting brackets. That is why you see some dross in the pictures and the vice on top.

I am currently machining a bracket for the X axis carriage mount.Then I have an idea how to mount a cover over the X Scale. That is the reason for the ears at each end. A slightly shorter scale could be used here for the X axis but the longer length is not a problem. I am also noodling out how to mount the Z axis scale.

There will be a full report on this installation and how the DRO operates coming up soon. Lots of action photos on the installation and operation.

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