"One Perfect Part at a Time"

Ramblin’ ’bout tools and personality

Again, I am caught up the design and construction of machine tools. The purpose or the products, for which these machines should be used, keep sliding back in my timeline. I wonder if I am more involved with the creating tools than I am involved being creative with their use. But then in a way, after proper cogitation, I realize I am actually being creative. A fine working tool or machine is a worthy accomplishment and good utilization of one’s time. That is being productive.

Is time spent thinking about being productive actually nonproductive time? Not for me, but any period of thought can be viewed by some folks as non productive. It all depends on personality. At one time my major employer (TAC) encouraged employees to know their own personality and that of their coworkers. This stems from the sixteen Myers & Briggs personality types now in vogue. There is some descent on this being valid science.

Never-the-less I test as an “ISTJ” personality. I dislike being put in a box, but I admit this is my comfort zone. You can look up ISTJ on the link if you want to know what it means. Hobbies or non work activities almost always relate closely to personality type comfort zone. Like I said, it is where I prefer to operate because it is most comfortable, but there is no lid or lock on my box.

Work life is “in your zone” when it is something you really like to do. In that case work is NOT a four letter word. Stress is a foreign expression when a person is working their zone of comfort. It is a wonderful experience when you can match your work to your personality. The first step is to know thyself. ~ Socrates

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