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More than turkeys can get carved.

I have been enhancing some new skills in the Kautz workshop. I have been playing with high speed rotary carving. The tool is a jumbo dentist hand piece that is air powered and spins a mini turbine (and the tool bit) at 350,000 RPM. Yep, that number is correct. It is a lot of fun to play with and I am starting to get the knack. I plan on enhancing my woodworking projects with carvings. Here are some pictures of sample work.


This is called “fish scales” This is a pretty bad example, but I am getting better. Honest!


This is an oak leaf cluster with acorns. There is even a folded leaf!


Just some fancy scroll work. I know I can do better on the next one.


More oak leaves and acorns.

If anyone wants to see the tool or any more information on high speed rotary carving and engraving, just post a reply here.

I am also considering the more traditional hand tool carving. This work here has me very interested in adding this kind of detail to all my woodworking whenever it is applicable. It must be the artist in me.


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