"One Perfect Part at a Time"

PD400 in Action

I know some readers just like to look at action shots. So I have thrown a few pictures in here for your enjoyment. This is the Proxxon PD400 lathe and I am making the standoffs shorter that I use on the HB2 router. I installed the new couplers on the HB2 this weekend and I discovered I can bring the screw shaft and the motor shaft closer together using the new couplings.

I needed to remove 3.18mm from each end of the standoffs then extend the threads a bit deeper into the aluminum standoff. That was about 1/4″ overall for you non metric holdouts. 🙂

It was short work and the HB2 is purring  along just nicely. So you see the PD400 does get a little workout from time to time. Oh, and it didn’t hurt that the lathe was about 2 feet away from the HB2…

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