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New Store Blog

I have just added a new blog as part of The Hobbyist Machine Store.

I have been posting store info here in this blog for some time. There is a category for THMStore.  but now with the new blog connected directly to the Store, I have a better place to post when I am talking about something commercial in my store. My intent is to keep this blog more on topic with what I do just for myself in my personal projects.

I will reference between the two blogs as necessary, but the Store blog will be more customer/product oriented. You will notice the Store Blog enjoys the security of the SSL certificate with the actual store website. Not really useful for a blog, but the SSL is there and you will know no one can track your password to log in.

The new site is totally undeveloped at this point as far as entries, but I am making some changes in the business and I plan to have a lot of the changes  documented in the blog as I move forward.

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