"One Perfect Part at a Time"

Model Engine Builder

Cover Issue 23

This is not a paid advertisement. Mike Rehmus has no idea I am making this recommendation. I have been reading this magazine since Mike and his wife Toni started publishing. If you are a real machinist and love to make small engines, this publication is for you. But then you would probably already know that. It is also THE publication to get arm chair machinists back into their shops or to get their dream shops assembled.

And… If you really just like reading about the construction of model engines, this is still the publication you need to have in your library. You will definitely save this magazine.

Low volume high quality publications are very expensive to produce. The $10.00 issue price is not someone making a fortune. Oh and I almost forgot, each issue contains a  set of CAD plans for the engines presented in the issue. I get model airplane magazines too and the plans are always an extra cost addition. So an MEB subscription and the plans are well worth the investment and a wonderful contribution to building your library of full documented projects.

The website is www.modelenginebuilder.com. From there you can order your subscription or purchase back issues. Remember, this is a publication full of real construction plans and know how. Tell them THMS sent you! It won’t do anything for me except make me a fan-boy.

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